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Sunday Mornings, 10:00 AM

John Mac Smith

Made up of participants aged 65 and older, this long established class uses the quarterly curriculum, the International Adult Bible Studies by Cokesbury.  Their preaching format is led by a rotation of five different teachers.

Located on the first floor of Hamilton Building, Room E102.  For more information, contact Bobby Littlejohn.


The Roundtable class consists of members ages 30 and up. This class studies the Bible book by book and chapter by chapter. You are welcome to jump in and join us at anytime! Teachers rotate from week to week and lively discussion is encouraged. Located in the Johnson Building, Room J104.

Third Day

Open to any age, though the class consists mostly of adults ranging 50-70 years old. Quarterly studies often include videos and alternate between biblical studies and topical subjects.

Located in the Hamilton Building, Room E104. For more information, contact Jim Warren.

Adult Discipleship

This class is made up mostly of career professionals aging from mid 30's to early 50's. Currently, the class is using The Wired Word which explores current issues and their impact on the Christian faith.  Discussion is invited and encouraged. Located in the Johnson Building, 1st Floor, Men's Parlor. 

Deneke Disciples

An adult Sunday school class with members ranging from their 30's to early 80's.  We use the International Adult Bible Studies from Cokesbury.  The teacher is seen as a facilitator with active class participation and open discussion on the relevance of the lesson topic as it pertains to living as a Christian in today's world.  We are truly a family within a family where we draw strength from one another.  We welcome all into our small group worship family! Located in the Johnson Building, Room J103. For more information, contact John Caldwell.

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