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Become A Member...

It isn’t that hard to join First United Methodist Church of West Memphis.  We happily receive persons into membership by transfer from another United Methodist congregation, from other Christian denominations, or by a profession of faith.  The procedures for joining are also relatively simple and we’ll be happy to assist you to join our fellowship in the most anxiety-free way.


While becoming a member is not difficult, being a member is not intended to be easy.  While membership with American Express has its privileges, membership at First United Methodist Church of West Memphis brings responsibilities.  We are happy for anyone of any race, station or status to enjoy any of the activities of our church as long as they wish.  We ask, however, that our members make certain commitments.


Along with a profession of faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, belief in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, and a repentance of one’s sins, members take a vow to uphold the Church with their prayers, their presence (at worship), their gifts (financial contributions), their service, and their witness.  


You might ask why anyone would join the church.  If the expectations are high, why should one not enjoy the fruits of our services without making a contribution?  First United Methodist Church of West Memphis gladly offers all that we have and all that we are to those who are not a part of our fellowship as an example of the love that God has for all people.  As with most things in life, one does not grow without making a commitment.


If you would like to join with us on the journey of faith, if you are ready to take up the challenge of living a Christian life, if you hunger for more than just the ordinary, we will help you to do so and will share with you in this endeavor.

Contact Rev. George Odell or the church office (870-735-1805) to schedule a chat about becoming a member of FUMC!

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