Phillip has been leading the Praise Band since August 2014 and has been a lifetime member of FUMC West Memphis. Phillip gained his love of music first in the children's choir, then in the junior choir, and in the Chancel Choir. Music has always been a big part of his life, from piano lessons at age 6 and guitar lessons at age 14; in Junior and Senior High he was in the band and performed in various bands. 

Phillip considers himself "lucky" that the Praise Band drafted him and puts up with him! It took him a while to be convinced to explore Contemporary style worship, because he had always been a "high church" kind of guy. Once he decided to give it a try, he never looked back. Phillip has found where he is supposed to be in service to his home church. 

Phillip has two sons, Jake and Jared, a daughter-in-law Jenna, and is married to Sabrina. He is also serving his fifth term as City Clerk for West Memphis.